So how does this work…?

To get started, pledge to run on October 11th. After you’ve run (and maybe showered? Or not.) Just log your miles. You can automatically link your Strava account or enter your miles manually on the Day of the Girl website. Remember, your goal is 5.7 miles. It's cool if you do more (overachiever.) If you come up short (we won't tell your run club) feel free to hit the pavement again to get over the goal.

Is there a cost to participate?

This is a free event.  Come one, come all. Invite your friends. And commit to doing something challenging while knowing you’ll be supporting a good cause. If you choose, you can donate directly to the charity. Or you can purchase our commemorative bracelets (you receive 2), and proceeds go towards funding a relay for the Girls Gotta Run foundation in Bekoji, Ethiopia. All for just $30.

Who can join?

Anyone can join across the US, Canada, and world! Find a girl in your life - your friend, your running partner, your daughter, your wife - and have them join the fun. 

If I purchase the SWAG option, when will I receive it?

Orders will not ship until one week before the event takes place. If you order before October 1st, you should receive your bracelets close or shortly after the event. Most people will receive their bracelets before October 11th, but unforeseen shipping issues can arise.

Is there a hashtag?

We’re glad you asked! Use the #DayoftheGirlRelay hashtag on your social media posts. Feel free to tag @RagnarRelay, @girlsgottarun, if you’re so inclined.

Do I have to run with someone else?

While you are not required to run with someone else, this challenge, like most things, is better with friends. If you are looking for people to run with, we might have a local Ragnar Ambassador in your area who is hosting a group run. Check to see the local meet-ups here

How does the donations portion work?

If we meet our goal of 8,642 miles, Ragnar will make an $8,000 donation to Girls Gotta Run organization to fund their relay event happening in early 2019. Any additional miles or donations will go towards funding additional scholarships.  You can read more about the organization at http://www.girlsgottarun.org/.

When is the relay in Ethiopia and can I join?

The event is scheduled for January 2019, and they are allowing a limited number to join this adventure. Girls Gotta Run has created a website so you can see more information about the event: http://www.girlsgottarun.org/run-with-us/

Do I need to submit my miles?

Yes! How else will we know if you’ve run? It’s pretty straightforward. Log in to the challenge website here on October 11th and you’ll have the option to sync with Strava or manually enter your miles. Let us know if you run into any issues and we’ll help you out.

Oh no! I submitted too many/too few miles!

If you need to adjust or correct the mileage you submitted, just enter that amount into the manual entry option. For example, if you want to subtract 1.2 miles from your total just enter -1.2.

What do I do if I didn’t get the confirmation email?

If you did not receive the confirmation email there are a few things you can do. First, check your junk and/or spam folders, your promotions tab in Gmail and search for “Ragnar” in your inbox.

If that doesn't work, please email [email protected].

I participated in Chase the Moon Challenge. Will my same login still work?

Yes. Your login should work from Chase the Moon, but you will still need to register for the Day of the Girl Challenge.

I am not able to run, but I'd still like to join

GGRF has created this fundraiser page to help individuals who want to raise awareness and donations outside of the run.  Click here to join.

Donation Details

We reserve the right to adjust the final donation amount up or down depending on Day of the Girl participation. For the sake of openness, the total donation amount will be announced via email and social media the day after the event.