Triple Peak Challenge

Reach Three Peaks in Three Days

Taking on a crazy challenge, just for the fun of it—that’s peak Ragnar. This October, help us run enough hills to collectively climb three majestic mountain peaks in three days, so we can unlock a donation for a worthy cause. Mileage doesn’t matter. This challenge is all about the elevation!

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  • Date Oct 01-09, 2019
  • You will climb 1200 ft
  • Together we’ll climb 7.2 million ft

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On trail or road, treadmill or bleachers,

Commit to climb:



Complete by
Friday, Oct 4, 2019
Climb 200 vertical feet to help summit Mount Rainier 14,411 ft Log my elevation


Complete by
Saturday, Oct 5, 2019
Climb 400 vertical feet to help summit Denali 20,310 ft Log my elevation


Complete by
Sunday, Oct 6, 2019
Climb 600 vertical feet to help summit K2 28,251 ft Log my elevation

Together, we can climb higher than we ever could alone. The Triple Peak Challenge is free to join, but swag is limited so be quick about it.


3 peaks in 3 days

Let’s see how many times we can summit Mount Rainier, Denali, and K2 in one weekend. To unlock our charitable donation, we need 6,000 Ragnarians to run uphill a total of 7.2 million vertical feet. We’ve set our sights high, but together, we can rise to the elevation.

Triple Peaks Swag


Dress for success with a limited-edition Triple Peak Challenge t-shirt (and a themed pint cup!), for just $30 per participant.

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This year, we’re rising to the challenge on behalf of Neuroworx, an independent nonprofit clinic that helps those with spinal-cord injuries, stroke, and similar neurological conditions to optimize their recovery - regardless of their ability to pay. 


Rise to the elevation

Oct 01-09, 2019 Register now


So how does this work?

We’re asking Ragnarians to pledge to climb three peaks in three days. Each day we’ll climb a different mountain and will have a different elevation goal. Triple Peak Challenge begins the week of October 1st, but you can log your elevation any time between October 1st and October 6th.

Who can participate?

Anyone can join across the US, Canada, and world! Ring your 3rd cousin in Scotland (or wherever), and have them join! We also ship swag packs worldwide!

Is there a cost to participate?

Nope, it’s a free event. However if you want to add a bit more bling, there is a swag pack option that includes a t-shirt and a Klean Kanteen pint cup for $30. You can order the swag pack anytime throughout the challenge, however we do have limited quantities so don't procrastinate too long!

How does the donation portion work?

If we meet our goal of 7.2 million feet of elevation as a community, Ragnar will make a $5,000 donation to Neuroworx, a nonprofit, community-based, outpatient physical therapy clinic focusing on neurological rehabilitation for individuals experiencing paralysis from spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, stroke, and other neurological conditions.

Also, 100% of all donations added to your swag pack purchase will go directly to Neuroworx to support their cause!

*Up to $5,000. We reserve the right to adjust the final donation amount up or down depending on Triple Peak Challenge participation. For the sake of openness, the total donation amount will be announced via email and social media the day after the event.

If I purchase the swag option, when will I receive it?

All orders placed before September 18th will be shipped out beginning September 25th. This means you should receive your swag by the end of the event. However, things happen and there may be unforeseen delays in delivery. 

If you order after that time, please allow 2-3 weeks for arrival. We have limited quantities of these items, so order early to ensure you can receive yours.  

I don’t live at a place with elevation, what are other ways I can reach my goals?

Even if you don’t live in the mountains, there are lots of other ways to get that elevation. On the top of that list are bleachers at schools, bridges, parking garages (look both ways), hills at parks, and treadmills. Click here (link to blog) to see the creative ways you can earn your elevation.

What do I do if I didn’t get the confirmation email?

If you did not receive the confirmation email, first check your junk and/or spam folders, your promotions tab in Gmail and search for “Ragnar” in your inbox. If that doesn’t work, please email [email protected].

Is there a hashtag?

We’re glad you asked! Use the #ragnartriplepeakchallenge hashtag on your social media posts. Feel free to tag @RagnarRelay, if you’re so inclined.

Do I need to submit my elevation?

Yes! How else will we know if you’ve reached your goal? It’s pretty straightforward. Log into the challenge website here from October 1-6 and you’ll have the option to sync with Strava or manually enter your elevation. Let us know if you run into any issues and we’ll help you out.

Which mountains are we climbing?

On the first day, we will be climbing Mt. Rainier that has an elevation of 14,411’. The second day we will be summiting Denali in Alaska. It has an impressive elevation of 20,308’. On the third and final day, we will be summiting K2, with an elevation of 28,251’.

Oh no! I submitted too much/too few elevation!

If you need to adjust or correct the elevation you submitted, just enter that amount into the manual entry option. For example, if you want to subtract 125 feet from your total just re-enter your correct elevation.

I forgot to order a swag pack when registering. What should I do now?

You can purchase a swag pack up until the event ends on October 6th. Click HERE to order.

I am unavailable to reach my elevation goals on the allotted dates, what do I do?

We understand, not everyone is available on the same three days. Therefore, you can log your elevation any time between October 1st and October 6th. 

I participated in other Ragnar challenges. Will my same login still work?

No. Your log-in will not be the same as past Ragnar challenges. However, it is the same as the Ragnar website and team center. Therefore, if you have run a Ragnar before, you will use that log-in. If you are new to Ragnar (WELCOME!), you will need to create a new account.

Why is my Strava account not uploading my elevation for previous days?

Strava will only upload elevation on the current day, so please upload accordingly. If you are still having trouble, you can upload your elevation manually.